The 2022 Finland Open Pro Qualifier Show Line-up and Results

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The 2022 Finland Open Pro Qualifier Show is set to take place on July 23rd 2022, at Hameenlinna, Finland.

It will feature pro contests in Two divisions in which a win would extend them an invite to the Olympia 2022.

  • Men’s Classic Physique
  • Women’s Figure
Iain Valliere - The 2022 Finland Open Pro Qualifier Show

Last weekend, the 2022 Vancouver Pro-am Show went down. Iain Valliere won the show.

Iain Valliere is a young bodybuilder. We are seeing longtime veterans like Dexter Jackson, Phil Heath, Big Ramy, and Nick Walker phasing out, with new names rising to take their position.

Competitor List

Here is the complete list of competitors who will compete in the Show.

Men’s Classic Physique

Muneer Al Jassas - The 2022 Finland Open Pro Qualifier Show
  • Muneer Al Jassas
  • Joe Brighty
  • Valentin Petrov

Women’s Figure

  • Gabriela Linhartova
  • Hannah Prause
  • Paula Ranta
  • Roberta Visintainer
  • Adela Ondrejovicova

Finland Open Pro Qualifier Show 2022 Results

Here are the complete Results of the following Divisions.

Men’s Classic Physique Results

  • First Place Winner (Josh Eastham)

Women’s Figure Results

  •  First Place (Adela Ondrejovicova)
  • Second Place (Paula Ranta)
  • Third Place (Hannah Prause)
  • Fourth Place (Roberta Visintainer)
  • Fifth Place (Gabriela Linhartova)
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