2022 IFBB Pro League Empro Pro Line-up and Results

The 2022 IFBB Empro Pro is set to take place this weekend on the 3nd of July 2022, in Spain. This show is an IFBB Pro League. In total, Three bodybuilding weight classes will be contested for Men in Spain.

  • Men’s Physique Bodybuilding Winner is (Ali Bilal)
  • Men’s 212 Bodybuilding
  • Men’s Classic Physique

Last weekend, the 2022 Musclecontest Brazil and Sheru Classic Italy 2022 went down, featuring plenty of top competitors from the Men’s Open division.

Competitor List

Here is the complete list of competitors who will compete in the Show.

Men’s Physique Bodybuilding

Manoj Patil IFBB Pro
  • Nishant Bansal
  • Manoj Patil
  • Ali Bilal
  • Aldin Alijagic
  • Christoph Baumann
  • Philippe Degila
  • Ashley Edelman
  • Furkan Er
  • Febo Gambacorta
  • Ali Jafar
  • Burak King
  • Benedikt Lukas
  • Ruben Marques
  • Bilal Fakir
  • Elton Mota
  • Gabriel Ogunmakin
  • Abisai Pietersz
  • Kenny Privet
  • Giovanni Randazzo
  • Nelson R
  • Leonsrdo Vecchiato

Men’s Classic Physique

Fabian Mayr  IFBB Pro bodybuilder
  • Ayham Alaws
  • Fabian Mayr
  • Mehmet Emin Baydilli
  • Nestor Martinez
  • Julian Castano
  • Ethan Gohari
  • Siem Goossens
  • Issa Al Hassani
  • Philipp Jendreiek
  • Luis Garcia  Martinez

Men’s 212 Bodybuilding

  • Jaime Atienza ifbb pro
  • Stwve Benthin
  • Pasquale D’Angelo
  • Marco Cardona
  • Micheal Schneider
  • Daniel Sticco

2022 IFBB Pro League Empro Pro Results

Here are the complete Results of the following Divisions.

Men’s Physique Bodybuilding Results

  • First Place (Ali Bilal)
  • Second Place (IFBB PRO FURKAN ER)
  • Third Place (Youcef Djoudi IFBB PRO)
  • Fourth Place (Burak King IFBB PRO Trainer)
  • Fifth Place (Leonardo Vecchiato)

Men’s Classic Physique Results

  • First Place (Fabian Mayr)
  • Second Place (Marco Ruz)
  • Third Place (Mehmet Emin Baydilli)
  • Fourth Place (Julian Castaño)
  • Fifth Place (Siem Goossens)

Men’s 212 Bodybuilding Results

  • First Place (Ayat Baghri)
  • Second Place (Daniel Sticco)
  • Third Place (Steve Benthin)
  • Fourth Place (Pasquale D’Angelo)
  • Fifth Place (Marco Cardona)
Empro Pro classic 2022 results
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2022 empro pro spain results
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