10 Best Yoga Shoes to Wear For Women (A Complete Guide 2023)

Yoga is an exercise which is practiced for health, such as physical and mental benefits, and focuses mainly on meditation, controlling breath, and some specific body positions.

Introduction to Shoes: Yoga shoes are used to wear during yoga exercise/practice. These are fashioned like ballet shoes. Shoes are made from breathable & thin cloth which makes you feel comfortable and amusing during all yoga. If you would like to do yoga with the help of these types of aids then you’ll enjoy it a lot. source (1)

Mostly Yoga is performed barefooted. But there is much difference in comfort while performing yoga barefooted and with shoes. ‎If you use a mat for this then that might helps you do yoga smoothly but that’s not the goof way or any solution.

The easy to opt solution is to use footwear for most of the exercise/meditation. Shoes will you feel like never before in such as sturdy moments.

If you are looking for yoga shoes to buy for your practice then you are in the right place. But If you are Tech-Yogi and want to discover more about these shoes then read the complete article below. It will guide you through the top 10 best yoga shoes which made people satisfactory taken from different sources.

What features You might look in Yoga Shoes

Breathability – IF you think that yoga is performed just like a gentle type work out then you should reconsider as it’s a tough exercise that can make you sweat and the body becomes hot. So if you don’t want smelly and wet feet then Breathability in yoga shoes is not only good choice but very important.

Shoes made with polyester and synthetic materials or rubber are good, as leather is also can put you in comfort. In addition to this cotton socks will be a good combination.v

Toes – Yoga focuses on stamina and balancing act, that will make your stay in certain poses for a period of time which requires good toe grip. That’s why you don’t want to cramp your feet. You need to look for shoes that’ similar to natural size of your feet especially your toes.

Good Grip – The material which is used for the best experience for shoes is Neoprene which will improve your grip. So spending on No-Slip technology is recommended. As it would help you out to perform more advanced and inverted yoga positions and techniques.

Shoes Like Socks – Many of Yogis think that practicing bare feet is comfortable but that’s not the proper way as you are inviting discomfort, expected injuries, improper alignment, and bacterial infections.

Yoga Socks – If you are looking for a more minimalist and natural feel, yoga socks a good option to consider. Yoga Socks are breathable, fit like socks, and provide excellent grip.

Yoga Socks – So not believing reasons stated above you don’t want to have shoes then socks is good choice as these are airy, fit and have a good grip.

The Hybrid Option – You may try hybrid shoes i.e. shoes more like socks. It’ll show the top of feet like a sandal having grip each toe and ties with ankles. Shoes like these are comfortable, stylish and improve your performance.

Yoga shoes infographic

Sanuk Women Sling Yoga Sandal

Sanuk women shoe is comfy for feet along with yoga mat footbed having Pure 100% soft textile upper that makes meditation & yoga easy. It’s compact and thick with a very sole which is supportive, flexible and lightweight.

Pros:                                                                          Cons:

  • Available in many colors and patterns       Half Size is not available
  • Light Weight                                                    Expensive
  • Breathable
  • Upper Fabric is Stretchable for flexible practice
  • Durable

Ozaiic Women’s Non-Slip Yoga Socks

Just forget about sweaty, slipping and sliding feet around your yoga mat or a slippery floor, Because it’s best to pair of non-slipping, breathable socks which are best for Yoga, and allied activities. This Yoga socks will help your feet to manage moisture and dirt more effectively than traditional socks.

Pros:                                                                          Cons:

  • Made with Premium quality Cotton                  Half Size is not available
  • and silicone gel grips at the bottom with        Expensive
  • elastic straps.
  • Available in many colors and patterns
  • Light Weight and Breathable
  • Durable

Barerun Women’s Bellarina Yoga Shoes

Socks are manufactured with Premium and pure high-quality Material, The silicone Sole texture Leather Shoe Features a Lightly Padded footed. Use this for Resistant, Waterproof, Skid Resistant To Prevent Wrestling. The Natural toe Microfiber leather absorbs sweat and it’s less bulky, keeps feet dry and comfortable.

Pros                                                                                                   Cons

Foldable for easy storage and portability                               High Priced

Available in many fancy feminine colors & design.              All sizes are not av

Barefoot feeling and enjoyment.

Vibram Women’s VI-S Vibram Sole Yoga Shoe

Vibram Woman yoga shoes are available in a range of colors and you can also print your color of choice. It’s 100% textile of fine quality with good breathability. It’s easy to fit-in as it’s stretchable and more adjustable closure system. Its design is made for giving a good grip. Every toe is covered with grip by design and made from Vibram rubber.

Pros                                                                                                   Cons

Washable easily by machine                                   Thin straps is risky for running or                                                                                                                                              intense activity

Dries Quickly in air                                                     Smells Bad When got wet.

Flexible enough into comfort feet.

Design made for Zero Drop and stability

WateLves Women’s Lightweight Yoga Shoes/Aqua Socks

Ultralight design that is flexible and compressible for easy storage and portability.

Features a top[ quality rubber outsole that protects your feet from sharp objects and offers good grip even on wet surfaces.

Excellent shock absorbency and cushioning with a separate protective toe.

Made from light, quick-drying, and highly breathable Polyester and Spandex materials.


Shoes are available in many pleasant designs and colorful range.  Shoes are multipurpose i.e. not only used for yoga but for many other exercises like water spots. It has a rubber having a good grip, flexible and breathability is better. Solid colors can also be made available on demand. For water sports is fit to use. It can be used on other occasions as well.

Pros                                                                                                   Cons

Designed as Ultralight and flexible                                            High Priced

Compressible to make portability & storage easy.                 Incomplete Size range

Light, Quick Drying & breathable Design

Fine Quality Rubber for feet protection

Mishansha Women’s Water Shoes Sports Kayaking Shoes

Mishansha’s Women shoes are multi-purpose made from perfect fabric material with stretchable, breathable and lightweight provides comfort and flexibility. Very easy to put on and off protecting your feet from dripping off. It has anti-Slip camo rubber sole and wholes at the bottom for water flow and quick dry.

Pros                                                                        Cons

Elasticity with straps makes it easy to fit.                Expensive, Several sizes not available

Multipurpose, beach, swimming, surf,

pool, sailing, boating, exercise aerobics,


WateLves Women’s Barefoot Aqua Shoes for Yoga

Upper is made with polyester and spandex makes it breathable and comfortable choice. It’s fitted comfortably and smooth neck designed makes it Anti-slip rubber sole. In spite of all this, it’s thick enough. Lightweight makes it compressible for easy portability/packing for outdoor sports and activities. It can be used in many sports.

Pros                                                                                                        Cons

Flexible design with a supportive insole                                         No Elastic Around The Ankle The Bottom Rubbery

Breathable uppers are fit like a glove with a quick-drying technique.

Absorbent polyester and flexible spandex

flexible rubber outsole

Sanuk Woman sling 2 Vintage Printed Yoga Sandals

Sanuk Woman is available in 100% textile upper along with thong strap, rubber outsole is flexible and slight platform design. Many colors and vintage print color options are available.

Pros                                                                            Cons

Thong flip-flop featuring fabric straps                  Expensive, No Half Size available

Padded Yoga-Mat Footbed

FitKicks Original Woman Foldable Shoes

This footwear is designed with No-Slip technique with a minimum breathable and comfortable fit.  The inner cushion is fitted, toe-guard and signature grip-strap provide flexibility and for extra comfort and convenience.

Pros                                                                                                  Cons

Can be used for, low-impact workouts, swimming,                  No size past woman’s XL (10-11)

high heel relief, kick-around shoes, traveling, yoga,

exercising, etc.

Spandex blend; durable FlexForm sole

Fold-and-go Mobility

Sanuk Women’s Yoga Duet Sandal

Manufactured from 65% cotton and 35 % Polyester, has a rubber sole, lightweight and two-way stretch knit fabric caged upper featuring Yoga Sling comfort. The footbed is made from fine quality yoga mat material with a sealed edge.

Pros                                                                      Cons

Rubber Sponge Outsole                                    Not suitable for wet surfaces

Airy and Aqua resistant                                    The color range is limited

Light Weight


Bottom Line:

Is Yoga helpful in decreasing cholesterol level in the human body?

Yes, according to the American Heart Association yoga help to control your cholesterol level.

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