Unlocking Lower Body Excellence: Kai Greene’s Glute and Hamstrings Focused Workout for Rising Female Bodybuilders

In the dynamic world of bodybuilding, where iron meets determination, the quest for excellence takes center stage. Kai Greene, an iconic figure in the realm of professional bodybuilding, recently showcased his profound expertise by guiding rising stars Jessica Reyes Padilla and Yarishna Ayala through an intensive glute and hamstrings-focused workout. 

As these two formidable athletes soaked in Kai Greene‘s wisdom, they embarked on a journey to redefine their lower body development.

Kai Greene‘s name resonates as a stalwart of the 2000s and 2010s bodybuilding era. 

A testament to grit and resilience, Kai Greene‘s ascent to the pinnacle of bodybuilding was marked by his unmatched prowess on the stage. 

Kai Greene's Glute and Hamstrings Focused Workout for Rising Female Bodybuilders
via Kai Greene Instagram account

Although he narrowly missed the revered Mr. Olympia title, his legacy remains undiminished. 

A 3-time Arnold Classic champion, Greene’s rivalry with the legendary Phil Heath etched an indelible chapter in bodybuilding history

Despite his accolades, Kai Greene‘s story is a reflection of triumph over adversity, transforming a challenging upbringing into an unwavering passion for bodybuilding.

At 48, Kai Greene‘s influence extends beyond his competitive days. While he hasn’t graced the stage professionally since his 2016 Arnold Classic victory, his dedication to the craft endures. 

Maintaining a rigorous training regimen, Kai Greene champions the essence of unlocking natural potential rather than relying on performance-enhancing substances. 

His philosophy aligns with cultivating a harmonious relationship between the mind, body, and weight.

Venturing into the realm of mentoring, Greene’s recent collaboration with IFBB Pro bodybuilders Jessica Reyes Padilla and Yarishna Ayala promises a symphony of wisdom and ambition. 

jessica reyas padilla training
via Kai Greene Instagram account

Padilla, a trailblazing IFBB Figure Pro, boasts a trail of accomplishments including multiple Olympia participations and a commendable runner-up finish. 

Ayala, an ascendant force in the IFBB Wellness division, has graced the Olympia stage twice, demonstrating her mettle with 4th and 8th place finishes in consecutive years.

The workout extravaganza orchestrated by Greene commenced with a meticulous warm-up session. 

Engaging in bodyweight exercises such as varied crunches and calf raises, the trio initiated a surge of blood flow, priming their muscles for the ensuing challenges.

The workout unfurled with a strategic superset: the Hip Abduction Machine and Barbell Step-Ups. The former, an exercise in muscle engagement, set the stage by targeting crucial hip abductors like the tensor fasciae latae and glute muscles. 

Coupled with Barbell Step-Ups, this symphony of movements resonated with Kai Greene‘s emphasis on optimal form and muscle contraction. 

The deliberate incorporation of moderate to light weights ensured meticulous execution, with a conscious focus on activating the glute muscles at the zenith of the motion.

Ayala, reflecting on Kai Greene‘s guidance, emphasized the pivotal role of contraction over sheer weight, a revelation that elevated her understanding of practical training. 

Her sentiments mirrored Kai Greene‘s ethos of harnessing contraction as a gateway to unlocking muscle potential.

Segueing seamlessly, the workout pivoted to Barbell Romanian Deadlifts (RDLs). 

A symphony of muscles firing in unison, RDLs unfurl a crescendo of activation in the lower posterior chain—specifically, the glutes and hamstrings. 

Kai Greene‘s meticulous instructions accentuated the connection between form and activation, wherein the motion resonated as a symphony between muscle and consciousness. 

kai greene training
via Kai Greene Instagram account

His articulation of the process—visualizing glute engagement as a foundational element—elevated RDLs beyond mere movements, transforming them into an exquisite interplay of mind and muscle.

Smith Machine Lunges, the subsequent movement, showcased the malleability of training to align with specific goals. 

Kai Greene‘s masterstroke lay in transforming a quad-centric exercise into a symphony resonating with hamstrings and glutes. 

Smith Machine Lunges sculpted a pathway for intensified muscle engagement by adjusting stance and focal points, encapsulating Greene’s ingenuity in sculpting tailor-made workouts.

Kai Greene unveiled the final masterpiece: Kneeling Leg Curls as the session culminated. 

This isolation movement enveloped the lower body, immersing the quads in a preacher-curl-like experience while heralding the triumph of hamstrings. 

The motion epitomized Kai Greene‘s approach to holistic muscle activation, underpinned by an unwavering focus on contraction and muscle responsibility.

Reflecting on the workout’s intricate tapestry, Kai Greene‘s emphasis on the foundational Hip Abduction exercise emerged as a golden thread. 

In its simplicity, it personified glute activation—a cornerstone upon which subsequent exercises thrived. 

Kai Greene‘s vision of cultivating robust muscle activation resonated as a conduit for elevating every subsequent movement, an artistry wherein the whole transcended the sum of its parts.

kai greene workout routine
via Kai Greene Instagram account

The symphony of movements that composed this glute and hamstrings-focused workout included:

Dynamic Warm-up:

  • Crunches
  • Oblique Crunches
  • Bicycle Crunches
  • Standing Calf Raises


  • Superset – Hip Abduction Machine and Barbell Step-Ups
  • Barbell Romanian Deadlifts
  • Smith Machine Lunges
  • Kneeling Leg Curls

Kai Greene‘s indomitable spirit and unwavering dedication to bodybuilding continue to reverberate through the ages. 

While he remains open to the prospect of a triumphant return to the stage, his legacy extends beyond accolades and titles. 

Kai Greene‘s mentorship, as witnessed through his collaboration with Padilla and Ayala, epitomizes the torchbearer role he embraces—a harbinger of excellence and mastery to inspire generations anew.

As the final notes of the workout echoed, Greene’s impact radiated far beyond the weights. 

Kai Greene’s philosophy encapsulated a profound truth—a symphony composed not only of iron and muscle, but of unwavering passion, unyielding dedication, and the artistry of mind-muscle connection. 

With each repetition, each movement, Greene, Padilla, and Ayala etched a chapter that celebrated the art of bodybuilding—a testament to the harmonious symphony of determination and discipline.

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