Arnold Classic Brazil Results 2022

Arnold classic brazil bodybuilding show has been completed and results have come. Rafael Brando won the Arnold classic brazil 2022.

Men’s open Results

Rafael brando brazil
  1. Rafael Brando R$50,000
  2. Vitor Hugo Boff R$20,000
  3. Thiago Lins R$10,000
  4. William Martins
  5. Emir Omeragic
  6. Alan Ramino Bonadiman
  7. Marcelo Pedro da Cruz
  8. Jefferson Santos
  9. Eduardo Rodriguez
  10. Iman Rezari
vitor boff

Classic Physique Results

  1. Jhonne Sousa from Brazil

Men’s Physique Results

Coming Soon

Figure International

  1. Daiane Figurepro

Women Physique International

  1. Ana Alexia

Bikini International

  1. Prof . Luciana Santos

Wellness International

Coming Soon

Wheel Chair Champion

  1. Simplesmente incrivel e inesperado.

Men’s special

  1. Renan Henrique.

Stay tuned for others results are coming.

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