Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Journey

Jorge Garcia was born on April 28, 1973, in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. He is an American actor and a standup comedian of Cuban and Chilean descent. Jorge Garcia is best known for his character of Hugo “Hurley” Reyes in the television series Lost from 2004 to 2010. He is famous for his big body and long curly hair in American Film industry.

Weight Loss Journey

Weight Loss Journey

Jorge Garcia is not only appreciated for his acting career. But his amazing weight loss journey also remains in the headlines and discussions.

Hollywood star Jorge Garcia has been pictured out in the audience for the first time in over two years and seems to have put weight back on after reportedly losing almost 100lbs due to health issues.

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Over the 47 years old, American Jorge had improved his lifestyle and eating habits to reduce pounds from his weight.

His unhealthy eating habits had got him such an extreme amount of weight and became a severe concern for his relatives and fans. Jorge’s weight was never a concern for his acting career, but he was asked to shed his weight while shooting for Lost.

According to a report, it was a difficult task for him. Just because of his food habit, Jorge had gained around 400 pounds.

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Jorge began making changes in his lifestyle and habits with the help of the Workout Coaches Nutrition Expert team. They helped Jorge to change his unhealthy eating habits with healthy intake.

How Jorge Lost His Weight?

How Jorge lost His Weight?

Jorge Garcia was already weighing 400 pounds, and he was still on his bad eating habits. With every pound gain in his weight, he was getting closer to the risk of big-concern weight difficulties. At the last moment, he had a risk of having two types of diabetes, panic attack, strokes, and sudden heart attack.

Jorge followed these steps to lose weight:

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  • Jorge Garcia went on a pure vegan diet and eliminated every meat-based food item from his daily diet.
  • He had lifted even the dairy products from his daily diet.
  • He restrained himself and controlled his hunger for fast foods and soft drinks.
  • His work and body’s craving got the better of him, and he started getting slimmed down.
  • An opening task of lost production house for his weight loss and Nooch’s diet with daily base exercises also worked very well for him.

Jorge’s hard work paid off for him, and he lost around one/fourth of his weight and decreased it to 300 pounds.

Diet Plan Of Jorge Garcia

With the help of the Nutrition Expert team, he began eating low-carb and high-protein meals throughout his diet with exercise.

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He replaced his habit of eating fast foods with fruits and vegetables. He had also left the alcohol and had started working out daily.

Recommended Exercises By Jorge Garcia

Here are some of the suggested workouts that you should also apply in your daily habit if you want to lose weight:

1Sit ups
2Air cycling
3Push ups
4Face exercises
5Shoulder rotations
6Neck rotations
7Breathing exercises
8Arms circles
9Wrist rotations
10Running or Jogging
11Stair running
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Jorge Garcia Wife And Personal Life

Jorge Garcia Wife And Personal Life

From 2004 to 2006, he was in a relationship with Malia Hansen. He started dating Bethany Leigh Shady in 2007. She also co-hosted Geronimo Jack’s beard with Garcia.

They performed in various red-carpet events and posted pictures on social media. They were together until 2013 but soon disappeared from media platforms.


[su_spoiler title=”How Much Does Jorge Garcia Weight Today?” open=”yes” style=”fancy”]Garcia is 5ft and 11 inches tall and reputedly weighs around 300lbs today.[/su_spoiler]
How Much Weight Did Jorge Garcia Lose?

Jorge Garcia reportedly lost almost 100 lbs off his 400lb support at one stage over his career. More reports showed Garcia lost weight by following the Nooch diet by deactivating yeast and eating lots of spinach, vegetables, and protein.

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How Much Does Jorge Garcia Weight Today?

Garcia is 5ft and 11 inches tall and weighs around 300 lbs today.

Is Jorge Garcia Married?

Yes, Jorge Garcia is married. His spouse’s name is Rebecca Birdsall.

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