10 Best Yoga Shoes to Wear For Women (A Complete Guide 2022)

Yoga Shoes

A Complete Short Guide About Yoga Shoes for Women Yoga is an exercise which is practiced for health, such as physical and mental benefits, and focuses mainly on meditation, controlling breath, and some specific body positions. Introduction to Shoes: Yoga shoes are used to wear during yoga exercise/practice. These are fashioned like ballet shoes. Shoes … Read more

13 Yoga Poses for Women 2022 (Updated)

yoga poses for women

Yoga practice can be an incredible help for our daily life, helping you to find wisdom, courage, and strength. There is yoga poses for women for every situation you are in or for any kind of emotion that you find yourself in. Practicing yoga can strengthen weak muscles and stretch tight ones, balancing the body … Read more

The Best Home Exercise Equipment for Beginners 2022

Best Home Exercise Equipment for Beginners

The best overall exercise equipment for the home landscape has changed drastically, helping people to devote space to work out in their homes. Once considered a luxury, home exercise equipment has become a part of every fitness trainer’s life. Be it a simple yoga mat, weights, or the best full-body workout machine for home, there … Read more

Yuan Herong Biography 2022

Yuan Herong biography

The Yuan Herong bodybuilder was born in Qingdao, a city in the eastern Shandong province of China, in 1989, and grew up there with her family members. Details about her family are not easily available as the identification of her father and mother remains unknown. Herong has entitled the nickname “Chun Li” after the Street … Read more