2022 Mumbai Pro Show Results

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Mumbai Pro Show 2022 took place on 28-30 October at the Bombay Exhibition center, Mumbai. Mumbai Pro Show is an IFBB Pro Show based on Olympia world’s most prestigious bodybuilding competition.

The International Health Sports & Fitness Festival (IHFF) will provide countless opportunities for creating a better career for the bodybuilders of India. Catering to various classes of age, capability, and strength, IHFF will draw bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, businesses, and viewers worldwide.

Mumbai Pro Show 2022 is sure to motivate and inspire people. This show will provide the perfect landscape for individuals of all ages to celebrate strength, power, and health. 

Three pro bodybuilding divisions for men will step onto the stage of the Mumbai Pro Show to compete for Prizes.

ranjeet singh

  • Men’s Open Bodybuilding 
  • Men’s Physique
  • Men’s Classic Physique 

Manoj Sarangapani

Last week, Michael Daboul won the Dubai Pro Show in the Men’s Classic Physique Division. 

Competitors List

Men’s 212 Bodybuilding

Mahesh Kumar
Richard A. Morilla
Rumi Penaflor
Samir Troudi

Men’s Physique

Nishant Bansal
Bhuwan Chauhan
Karim Asmat
Dilip Kumar
Ajith Raja
RAnveet Singh
Mimoh Yuvraj
Junaid Kaliwala
Imran Khan
Paj Kumar Paswan
Yashar Anbari
Pankaj Gajwani

Men’s Classic Physique

Piyush Rajput
Shanti Mitchell
Sandip Rajbanshi
Manoj S
Dimitri Vorotyntsev
Rajesh Yadav

Mumbai Pro Show 2022 Results

Junaid Kaliwala bodybuilder

Here are the complete Results of the following Divisions.

Men’s Open Bodybuilding Results

The Montagne wins the Open Bodybuilding title at the IHFF Amateur Olympia India.

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Asmawi Zolfifli, Abhilash Manakkam, and Munusamh R win IFBB Pro Cards in Men’s Bodybuilding Category at the Sheru Classic Mumbai.

212 Men’s Bodybuilding Results

Hameed Juma Ebrahim won the Sheru Classic Pro Mumbai in the 212 Division.

  1. Hameed Juma
  2. Sunit Jadhav
  3. Asmawi Zolkifil
  4. Samir Troudi
  5. Rami Penaflor

Men’s Physique Results

Bhuwan Chauhan is the overall winner in the Men’s Physique Division at the Sheru Classic Mumbai Pro.

  1. Bhuwan Chauhan
  2. Imran Khan
  3. Raj Kumar Paswan
  4. Dilip Kumar
  5. Nishant Bansal

Siddhant Jaiswal won his IFBB Pro Card in the Men’s Physique Division at the Sheru Classic Pro Mumbai.

Men’s Classic Physique Results

Abdullah Alsairafi is the winner of the Classic Physique Category at the 2022 Sheru Classic Pro (Mumbai Pro Show).

  1. Abdullah Alsairafi
  2. Manoj Sarangpani
  3. Dimirtii Vorotyntsev
  4. Deepak Nanda
  5. Rajesh Yadav

Sheru Classic Mumbai India Scorecards

Sheru Classic India Men's 212 Scorecards
Sheru Classic India Men's Physique Scorecards
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Sheru Classic India Men's Classic Physique Scorecards

Congratulations to the all Champions of Sheru Classic Mumbai Pro India.

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