2022 Monsterzym Pro Show Results

The 2022 Monsterzym Pro Show was held in Paradise City, South Korea. Seven competitors in the Men’s Open division competed to qualify for Mr. Olympia 2022.

In the end, Mohammad Alnsoor from Jordan won the medal for this show. He also got a qualification for the 2022 Olympia, taking place in Orlando at the end of this year. Here is the complete list of results for the 2022 Monsterzym Pro Show.

2022 Monsterzym Pro Show Men’s Open Division Results

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  1. Mohammad Alnsoor (Jordan), 1st
  2. Seung Chul Lee (Korea), 2nd
  3. Sibusiso Kotelo (South Africa), 3rd
  4. Diogo Nunes (Korea), 4th
  5. Jang Sung Yong (Korea), 5th
  6. Jinho Lee (Korea), 6th
  7. Hwang Shin (Korea), 7th

1st Place — Muhammad Alnasoor

Muhammad Alnasoor bodybuilder

Muhammad Alnsoor got 1st place at the Show. Alnsoor is an impressive bodybuilder, Lee was too big and conditioned to be denied. Some fans in the audience did feel that Alnsoor deserved 2nd place.

Before this, Alnsoor finished seventh at the 2021 Europa Pro. He looked incredible in the side poses, such as the side chest, and he has a lot of detail on his back, specifically his lower back.

Second — Seung Chul Lee

Seung Chul Lee bodybuilder

Seung Chul Lee got 2nd place at the 2022 Monsterzym Pro Show against Alnasoor. He and Alnasoor traded places in the callouts during both prejudging and finals. So the decision was a tough one for the judges. He placed 2nd.

Before this, Lee finished in 12th place at Mr. Olympia 2021. He got 10th place at the 2021 Arnold Classic the last time he contested.

Third Place — Sibusiso Kotelo

A young bodybuilder Sibusiso Kotelo got 3rd place at the show.

Sibusiso Kotelo bodybuilder

Fourth Place — Diogo Nunes

Diogo Nunes bodybuilder

Diogo Nunes got 4th place at the Show. Diogo is an impressive bodybuilder. Some fans in the audience did feel that Diogo deserved 3rd place.

Men’s Classic Physique Division Results

  1. Jaehun Park (Korea), 1st
  2. Seonghun Park (Korea), 2nd
  3. Chang Keun Kim (Korea), 3rd
  4. Yongseung Lee (Korea), 4th
  5. IFBB PRO Nobert Balogh, 5th
  6. Sung Jin-Kang (Korea), 6th
  7. Dong O Ryu (Korea), 7th
  8. Juseong Seo (Korea), 8th

Men’s Physique Division Results

  1. JuXian He (Korea), 1st
  2. _____irfannn (Korea), 2nd
  3. Minsu Kim (Korea), 3rd
  4. Ajith Raja (India), 4th
  5. ifbbpro_jjh (Korea), 5th

Bikini Class Results

  1. Soo-Hyun Bae (Korea), 1st
  2. Sara Choi (Korea), 2nd
  3. Yuna Kang (Korea), 3rd
  4. Mina Kim (Korea), 4th
  5. Tae Rin Kim (Korea), 5th
  6. Ji Ban Park (Korea), 6th

Wellness Division Results

  1. Hannah Son (Korea), 1st
  2. Dohee Kim (Korea), 2nd
  3. Hye Yoon Kim (Korea), 3rd
  4. Min Ju Yoon (Korea), 4th

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