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In the realm of bodybuilding, one name has been making waves, and that’s Roman Fritz. At just 25 years old, he has achieved what many can only dream of – winning every single competition he has entered.

From his incredible lines to gaining nearly 30 pounds of lean mass in the last year, Roman Fritz is a force to be reckoned with in the bodybuilding world.

Roman Fritz Age

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Born on April 13, 1988, Roman Fritz is currently 25 years old.

Roman Fritz Height and Weight

Standing at 5 feet 9 inches, Roman Fritz carries an impressive weight of around 250 pounds.

Early Years and Introduction to Bodybuilding

Born on April 13, 1988, in Munich, Germany, Roman Fritz began his bodybuilding journey at the age of 15.

Standing at 5 feet 9 inches and weighing around 250 pounds currently, he wasn’t always the imposing figure we see today.

At the start, Roman Fritz was extremely skinny 121 pounds. For the first six months of his training, Roman Fritz focused solely on his upper body, following a routine of six days a week.

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Nutrition was a blind spot, with only a daily breakfast of cereal. Realizing the need for guidance, Roman Fritz sought help from his cousin, a former gym trainer, who introduced him to proper nutrition, training, and supplements. This marked the beginning of his transformation.

After incorporating a more comprehensive approach to his training, including working on his neglected legs, Roman Fritz gained another impressive 22 pounds in just nine weeks.

This newfound dedication set the stage for his entry into competitive bodybuilding.

Rise to Stardom: Conquering Competitions

Roman Fritz’s debut on the bodybuilding stage was at the Bavarian Championships in 2006, where he competed in the Junior Heavyweights category and emerged victorious. 

What followed was a remarkable streak of victories, including the 2008 Bavarian Championships, 2008 German Nationals, 2009 Bavarian Championships/Team Universe, and the 2009 IFBB World Junior’s Championships, where he claimed the heavyweight title and the overall win.

His motivation for entering bodybuilding was fueled by a desire to break free from the label of being too skinny. 

Roman Fritz’s childhood fascination with muscular action figures, reminiscent of iconic bodybuilders, inspired him to craft a physique that embodied strength and proportion.

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Roman Fritz’s ultimate goal is to reach the pinnacle of bodybuilding—the prestigious Mr. Olympia title. 

His journey was significantly influenced by bodybuilders like Lee Priest, Art Atwood, Markus Rühl, and Branch Warren

Lee Priest, in particular, played a crucial role, providing answers to Roman Fritz’s questions about diet and training.

The Coach, The Mother, and The Diet

Throughout his early career, Roman Fritz faced challenges with coaching. Despite having a gym partner for his first shows, the collaboration was short-lived.

In 2008, after graduating from school, Roman Fritz reconnected with his former partner, but the experience was far from ideal. 

Three weeks before a crucial competition, Roman Fritz found himself alone, navigating the challenging world of bodybuilding preparation.

His fortune took a turn when he caught the attention of Bernhard Schuber, a highly respected coach in Germany. 

Under Schuber’s guidance, Roman Fritz achieved a remarkable transformation, gaining both size and definition. 

Since then, Roman Fritz has continued to work with Schuber, demonstrating the importance of finding the right mentor in the bodybuilding journey.

Remarkably, it’s Roman Fritz’s mother who oversees his dietary discipline. Initially skeptical of bodybuilding, she has evolved into Roman Fritz’s biggest supporter and expert critic. Their shared residence has become a hub for bodybuilding discussions and critiques.

Roman Fritz adheres to a disciplined eating schedule, consuming meals every two hours, with each meal consisting of 80-100 grams of carbs and 50-60 grams of protein.

Notably, he avoids chicken and fish during the offseason, focusing on steak and egg whites for protein.

Roman Fritz’s bodybuilding career showcases his consistent participation and notable placements in various IFBB Pro League and amateur competitions.

Roman Fritz Bodybuilding Career

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In 2023, he secured positions such as 7th in the EVLS Prague Pro, 14th in the Olympia Pro, 2nd in the Italian Olympus Pro, 4th in the Sheru Classic France Pro, 5th in the Europa Pro, 3rd in the Flex Weekend Pro Italy, 1st in the BigMan Weekend Pro, 2nd in the Mr Big Evolution Pro Portugal, and 5th in the Empro Classic Pro Spain.

In 2022, he achieved 5th place in the Bigman Pro Spain, 8th in the Romania Muscle Fest Pro, 5th in the Yamamoto Nutrition Pro, 13th in the Texas Pro, and 12th in the Tampa Pro.

His earlier years include notable performances like 3rd in the BigMan Weekend Pro and 6th in the Indy Pro in 2018, 8th in the Arnold Classic, Asia in 2016, and 4th in the Tampa Pro in 2016.

Additionally, his amateur career highlights include winning the Olympia Amateur Europe Prague in 2014 in both the overall and over 100 kg categories, as well as securing 3rd place in the Arnold Classic USA (Amateur) in 2013 in the Super-Heavyweight division.

Roman Fritz Training Philosophy and Workouts

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Roman Fritz’s training regimen is marked by its intensity and consistency. Working out twice a day, with occasional rest days, he alternates between heavy and light weights, keeping his rep range diverse, from 1 to 30 reps. 

With at least 20 sets per body part, Roman Fritz follows a structured weekly routine targeting different muscle groups.

Despite achieving substantial growth, Roman Fritz emphasizes the importance of not changing his winning formula. He believes that the method he used to put on muscle is the same one that will help sustain it.

Evolution of Cardio and Body Composition

Roman Fritz’s approach to cardio has evolved over time. In the past, he engaged in daily cardio sessions, even during the offseason.

However, after realizing the impact on his metabolism, he minimized cardio to around one hour per week. This adjustment allowed him to focus on gaining size for the men’s open class.

When it comes to losing body fat, Roman Fritz adopts a different strategy, inspired by Dorian Yates. He incorporates cardio twice a day for at least 45 minutes from day one, contrasting the gradual increase favored by many.

Balancing Bodybuilding with Personal Life

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Roman Fritz’s dedication to bodybuilding comes with its share of challenges in his personal life.

Notably single at the moment, he acknowledges the conflict that arises when potential relationships clash with his rigorous training and dietary commitments. 

Nonetheless, he maintains a pragmatic approach, prioritizing his passion for bodybuilding.

Aside from his bodybuilding pursuits, Roman Fritz is a healthcare management student in Munich. Despite the demands of his studies, he successfully navigated his first semester.

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