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Hailing from Salzburg, Austria, Steve Kris has emerged as a prominent figure in bodybuilding and fitness. His journey into physique transformation and competitive bodybuilding is a testament to his resilience and determination.

Steve’s Kris athletic journey began as a promising football player during his formative years. He dedicated 12 years to the sport, showcasing his competitive spirit and athleticism. 

However, a significant turning point came in 2006 when an unfortunate meniscus tear forced him to bid farewell to his football career.

Refusing to let adversity define him, Steve Kris embarked on a path to recovery and physical rejuvenation. Initially, he started with home workouts, primarily focusing on bodyweight exercises

As his rehabilitation progressed, Steve Kris recognized the potential to advance his fitness journey. He decided to join a gym, marking a pivotal moment in his life.

The gym provided the canvas upon which Steve Kris began sculpting his remarkable physique. Witnessing rapid advancements in strength and size was a powerful motivator for him. 

It wasn’t long before he realized the incredible potential of his body and the boundless possibilities that lay ahead.

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In 2013, Steve Kris took a significant step in his fitness journey by becoming a personal trainer. 

This transition opened up new horizons, allowing him to share his passion and expertise with others. He started competing in local bodybuilding shows, achieving numerous victories.

One of his notable achievements came when he participated in the IFBB Men’s Physique competition in Austria, securing an impressive 4th place. 

Steve’s Kris story is a remarkable tale of transformation, perseverance, and relentless pursuit of excellence. 

His journey serves as an inspiration to all those who aspire to overcome obstacles and sculpt both their bodies and destinies.

Born on May 20, 1992, in Salzburg, Austria, Steve Kris exhibited his athletic prowess from a young age. He joined a football team at just four years old, standing out among his peers. 

His passion for the sport intensified during high school, culminating in a full-time football career by 18.

However, a life-altering injury cast a shadow over Steve’s Kris football aspirations. During a college football match, he suffered a meniscus tear, a devastating blow to his athletic dreams. 

The doctor’s prognosis was grim, suggesting that Steve Kris might never compete in football again.

With this setback, Steve Kris embarked on a physical and mental recovery journey. He began a regimen of bodyweight exercises at home, gradually rebuilding his strength and resilience. 

As his therapy showed promising progress, Steve Kris took a bold step by joining a local gym. Months of dedication and unwavering commitment, he has led to a remarkable transformation. 

Steve Kris regained his former fitness level and surpassed it, achieving a physical excellence he had never known. His passion for weightlifting ignited, and he immersed himself in sculpting his physique.

By 2013, Steve Kris had sculpted an impressive body his injury was a distant memory. He decided to share his passion and knowledge by becoming a certified personal trainer. 

His transition from a hobbyist to a fitness coach marked a significant milestone in his life. In 2014, Steve Kris ventured into the digital realm, sharing his training and dietary insights with the world through online platforms.

His informative content garnered substantial attention, with numerous individuals seeking guidance on nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle choices. Steve quickly realized his potential to inspire and educate others on their fitness journeys.

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As his online presence grew, Steve Kris expanded his horizons by competing in local bodybuilding competitions in 2014. At 22, he clinched his first regional victory, setting the stage for impressive achievements. 

In 2016, Steve Kris transitioned to the Men’s Physique division, representing Austria in the IFBB Men’s Physique competition, where he secured an admirable 4th place.

Looking ahead, Steve Kris remains committed to his mission of inspiring and empowering individuals to embark on transformative fitness journeys. 

His aspiration includes conquering more IFBB Pro shows, a testament to his unwavering dedication and passion for bodybuilding and fitness

Steve Kris is not only an athlete with an incredible story but also a role model for anyone seeking to overcome obstacles and achieve their physical and mental best.

Steve Kris Weight85 to 90 KG
Steve Kris Height6 Feet
Steve Kris Date of Birth1992
Steve Kris Age31 Years
Steve Kris NationalityAustrian
Steve Kris ReligionChristianity

Steve Kris Diet and Nutrition Plan

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Steve Kris follows a straightforward and consistent approach to his diet, emphasizing the importance of finding a nutrition plan that works for one’s individual needs and sticking to it. 

He maintains dietary discipline, especially during competition preparation, while allowing himself some flexibility during the off-season.

Steve Kris Diet Philosophy

Steve’s Kris dietary philosophy is centered on simplicity and consistency. He believes that once you identify a diet that suits your body and goals, there’s no need to complicate it with constant changes. 

Whether preparing for a competition or during the off-season, Steve Kris maintains a structured approach to his nutrition.

Steve Kris Competition Diet

Steve Kris adheres to a strict diet during competition preparation without indulging in cheat meals. This disciplined approach is essential to achieve peak conditions for competitions.

Steve Kris Off-Season Diet

In the off-season, Steve Kris allows himself the occasional cheat meal or two. This flexibility provides a mental break from the rigors of competition dieting while maintaining a healthy eating foundation.

Steve Kris’s Favorite Meal

Steve’s Kris’s favorite meal is turkey breast paired with rice and green vegetables. He has a particular affinity for vegetables and aims to incorporate 4-5 servings into his daily meals, sometimes even going as high as 12.

Steve Kris Supplementation

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Steve advocates for a minimalist approach to supplementation, focusing on essential nutrients. His supplement regimen includes:


Steve recognizes the importance of maintaining overall health and nutrient balance, which multivitamins can support.

Fish Oils

Fish oil supplements provide omega-3 fatty acids, which offer numerous health benefits, including support for joint health and cardiovascular function.

Steve Kris believes these two supplements and a well-balanced and nutritious diet provide all the necessary nutrients for optimal health and performance. 

This approach underscores his commitment to simplicity and efficiency in his dietary choices.

Steve Kris Workout Routine

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Steve Kris follows a high-volume training approach to stimulate optimal muscle growth. He trains 5-6 times weekly, targeting different body parts in each session.

His workouts typically consist of 4-7 exercises, emphasizing high repetitions, usually around 12 reps per set.

Training Frequency

Steve trains 5-6 times weekly, allowing him to work on various muscle groups and maintain a consistent training regimen.

Steve Kris Training Philosophy

Steve believes in high-volume training to maximize muscle tension and stimulate micro-tears in muscle tissue, promoting effective muscle growth.

Steve Kris Arm Workout

Steve Kris uses heavier weights during arm workouts while incorporating a controlled cheating technique during the lifting phase. 

He places significant emphasis on each exercise’s eccentric (negative) stage, considering it crucial for muscle development.

Favorite Arm Exercises:

Barbell Curls

Steve includes barbell curls in his routine to target the biceps effectively.

Cable Curls

Cable curls are another preferred exercise for bicep development.

Hammer Curls

Hammer curls provide variation to his arm workouts.

Concentration Curls

Steve Kris occasionally adds concentration curls to his routine to introduce diversity and challenge his muscles.

Steve Kris Top 3 Exercises

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Shoulder Press

Steve Kris finds shoulder presses highly effective in achieving a satisfying pump in his shoulders.


He emphasizes the importance of squats as a fundamental exercise for overall muscle development, especially for the lower body.

Cable Flys

Steve Kris values cable flys as an excellent isolation exercise for the pectoral muscles, delivering an intense pump and serving as an effective finisher.

Steve Kris’s training approach emphasizes consistency, high-volume workouts, and a focus on specific exercises that yield optimal results in muscle development and overall fitness.

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