Sara Saffari Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Sara Saffari Workout and Diet Plan!

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Sara Saffari, widely known by her social media username sarasaffari, is an American fitness influencer and social media star. With her dedicated focus on fitness-related content, she has garnered a substantial following on Instagram, which currently boasts over 2 million followers.

Born into an American family in Kentucky, USA, Sara completed her basic high school education at Adolfo Camarillo High School in 2019. 

Despite her social media fame, she attends an undisclosed college and is on track to graduate in early 2023 with an impressive 4 GPA.

Standing at 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm/1.62m) and weighing around 60 kg (132 lbs), Sara Saffari possesses a captivating physique. 

She has alluring brown eyes, light brown hair, and body measurements of 33-24-35. Her shoe size is 7.5 (US), accentuating her remarkable presence.

Sara Saffari Diet Plan and Workout Routine
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Sara demonstrated an active lifestyle from an early age, engaging in activities such as basketball and track during her childhood and high school years. 

Before her rise to social media prominence, she worked at various restaurants and shops, earning minimum wage.

In April 2021, Sara consistently went to the gym to cope with sadness. Remarkably, within a year, she underwent an incredible transformation. Inspired by her journey, she shared fitness-related content on social media, primarily on Instagram and TikTok. 

While she had been using Instagram for over five years, it wasn’t until early 2022 that she began sharing fitness-focused content. In just a few months, her videos gained millions of views.

Sara’s popularity peaked in May, gaining 305k followers on Instagram and 231k on TikTok. Although her growth rate has slowed, she has already amassed a significant fanbase on social media. 

sara saffari fitness
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Her influence has also led her to establish connections with fellow influencers, appearing in YouTube videos alongside personalities such as Bradley Martin and 4fun. Sara Saffari has over 2 million followers on Instagram.

In April, she launched her self-titled YouTube channel, taking her social media presence to a more serious level. She wanted to create longer-format videos and began uploading fitness videos and occasional vlogs. 

Her channel, featuring collaborations with popular personalities like Bryce Hall, Alex Eubank, and Jo Lindner, has already garnered over 550k subscribers and 100 million total views.

With an estimated net worth of $550,000, Sara’s journey from working minimum wage jobs in 2022 to becoming a prominent fitness influencer has been rapid. 

Sponsorships with fitness brands such as Rawgear, Gorilla Mind, Gymshark, and Bloom Nutrition serve as her primary source of income.

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Currently residing in Los Angeles, California, Sara Saffari is not religious. She is keenly interested in shoulder workouts and has a bird tattoo on her right arm. Leg workouts are part of her routine three times a week. 

In addition to her fitness journey, Sara has a personal life, owning a spam Instagram account under the username “notsarasaffari.” Furthermore, her dream car is the Nissan GT-R she purchased her first car at 17.

Sara Saffari Diet and Nutrition Plan

sara saffari diet plan
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Here is the complete diet plan for Sara Saffari.

Sara Saffari Breakfast

  • Start the day with a glass of warm water.
  • Option 1: Idlis (steamed rice cakes), egg whites, and a slice of bread toast.
  • Option 2: Oatmeal with fruits and nuts.

Sara Saffari Lunch

Emphasize homemade meals.

  • Chapatis (whole wheat flatbreads).
  • A serving of dal (lentils) for protein.
  • Fresh salad with a variety of vegetables.
  • Include a portion of fruits and vegetables.

Sara Saffari Snack

  • Enjoy a bowl of upma (a savoury semolina dish) or any healthy snack.

Sara Saffari Dinner

  • Focus on green vegetables for a nutritious dinner.
  • Serve with chapatis or whole grain bread.

Sara Saffari Pre and Post-Workout Foods

Before intense workouts, she consumes a bowl of muesli or overnight oats with fruits and nuts for sustained energy. After workouts, she takes protein-rich foods like tofu, legumes, salads, and a protein shake to aid recovery.

Sara Saffari Fitness Journey with Workout

Sara Saffari’s journey into the world of fitness and the gym began out of her genuine love and passion. She expresses her unwavering dedication and commitment, stating that she will continue working out for the rest of her life. 

The gym became a source of guaranteed happiness for her, where she finds joy and fulfilment during her two-hour workout sessions. She shares that her connection with the people at the gym adds to the positive experience. 

Sara enjoys engaging in short conversations, making it her “two hours of Social Hour.” For her, the gym provides physical benefits and social interaction opportunities. Sara’s fitness journey started in April 2021, which she acknowledges as a relatively short period. 

However, she has undergone remarkable personal growth and transformation within those two years. She describes herself as different, experiencing a significant boost in self-worth and confidence. 

Before her fitness journey, she struggled with insecurities regarding appearance and self-confidence. Looking back, she realizes that she used to hide her body under oversized sweatshirts and baggy jeans, demonstrating her lack of self-acceptance.

The gym became a catalyst for change in Sara’s life. It provided her with a platform to work on herself physically and mentally. Through consistent workouts, she began to reshape her body and, in the process, developed a newfound self-confidence. 

She shares that her transformation impacted her physical appearance and how she expressed herself in social settings. Sara gained the courage to be more extroverted and speak her mind openly, something she had struggled with before.

Reflecting on her previous self, Sara realizes the extent of her insecurities and the transformative power of her fitness journey. She now embraces her self-worth and appreciates the progress she has made. 

Looking at old pictures or videos, she notices how she hid behind baggy clothing, indicating her previous lack of self-acceptance.

The decision to change came from within Sara herself. She desired a shift in her lifestyle and aspired to adopt healthier habits. Her brother’s disciplined fitness approach and commitment to measuring his food choices inspired her. 

Witnessing his dedication and its positive impact on his life appealed to her, prompting her to embark on her fitness journey.

Before her transformation, Sara admits to unhealthy eating habits, such as indulging in fast food and consuming it alone in her room. 

She humorously refers to her previous self as a “scumbag” and recognizes the need for change. Sara’s story showcases the profound impact that fitness and the gym had on her life. 

It transformed her physically and empowered her to embrace her self-worth and find happiness within herself. 

Her journey serves as an inspiration for others who may be seeking a positive change in their own lives through fitness and self-improvement.

Sara Saffari Workout Routine

sara saffari workout
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Here is the complete workout routine of Sara Saffari:

Monday: Shoulders, Chest, and Triceps Workout

  • Primary focus on shoulders with exercises such as shoulder presses, lateral raises, and front raises.
  • Include chest exercises like bench presses, dumbbell flyes, or push-ups.
  • Finish with tricep exercises like tricep dips or tricep pushdowns.

Tuesday: Pull Back, Rear Deltoids, and Biceps Workout

  • Primary focus on back exercises such as pull-ups, lat pulldowns, and rows.
  • Include exercises targeting the rear deltoids, such as bent-over lateral raises or face pulls.
  • Finish with bicep exercises like bicep curls or hammer curls.

Wednesday: Quads, Glutes, Hamstrings, and Calves Workout

  • The primary focus is on the quadriceps with exercises like squats, lunges, or leg presses.
  • Include glute and hamstring exercises like hip thrusts, Romanian deadlifts, or glute bridges.
  • Finish with calf exercises like calf raises or seated calf raises.

Thursday: Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps Workout

  • The primary focus is chest exercises like dumbbell bench presses, chest press machines, or push-ups.
  • Include shoulder exercises such as overhead presses or lateral raises.
  • Finish with tricep exercises like tricep dips or tricep pushdowns.

Friday: Back, Rear Deltoids, Biceps Workout

  • Primary focus on back exercises like pull-ups, rows, or lat pulldowns.
  • Include exercises to target the rear deltoids, like face pulls or bent-over lateral raises.
  • Finish with bicep exercises like bicep curls or hammer curls.

Saturday and Sunday: Rest

  • Rest and Recovery
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