Sam Sulek Workout

In the world of fitness influencers and bodybuilding enthusiasts, there’s a young dynamo from Delaware, Ohio, who’s taking the scene by storm. 

Sam Sulek, at just 21 years old, has rapidly become a sensation on TikTok and YouTube, capturing the attention and admiration of hundreds of thousands of followers. 

With a background in gymnastics and diving, Sam Sulek has transitioned his passion for physical activity into a digital empire, captivating audiences with his raw and unfiltered approach to fitness

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But behind the intense workouts and impressive gains lies a journey filled with debates, controversy, and a relentless pursuit of muscle mastery.

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The Gym Maverick

Sam Sulek’s training philosophy is a blend of power and precision, a unique approach that has earned him a devoted following. 

His workouts are meticulously designed to achieve hypertrophy – the process of maximizing muscle size and definition. 

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Whether you’re a seasoned lifter or a newcomer to the fitness world, Sam’s Sulek routines offer insights into his dedication to high-volume training and his unwavering commitment to muscle growth.

Sam Sulek Leg Workout

sam sulek leg workout
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Here is Sam’s Sulek leg day routine, a workout that showcases his careful balance of compound and isolation exercises

Sam Sulek knows that a successful leg day starts with proper preparation, emphasizing the importance of warming up joints, muscles, and the mind. 

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For him, it’s not just about lifting heavy weights it’s about the meticulous process that precedes those squats and lunges.

Hamstring Curls and Cable RDLs

Sam’s Sulek leg day begins with hamstring curls and Cable Romanian Deadlifts (RDLs). These exercises are not just about building strength they serve as the foundation for a productive leg workout

Hamstring curls activate the knees and lower back, which ensures safety during squats. 

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Cable RDLs, on the other hand, optimize hamstring activation and muscle growth by maintaining constant tension throughout the movement. It’s an intelligent approach that minimizes the risk of potential setbacks.

Progressive Overload and Intensity

Sam Sulek firmly believes in progressive overload, a fundamental principle in bodybuilding. He encourages pushing oneself within safe limits, especially during intense leg workouts

It’s not about recklessness it’s about pushing boundaries and expanding one’s physical limits safely.

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Form and Variation

Proper form is non-negotiable for Sam Sulek. He knows maintaining the right squat stance and positioning is key to avoiding injuries. 

Sam Sulek listens to his body, adjusting exercises based on feelings and minor discomfort. It’s a testament to his commitment to both gains and safety.

Seated Leg Hamstring Curl 

  • 1 warm set of 15-30 reps
  • 3 sets of 8-15 reps
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Cable Romanian Deadlifts 

  • 3 sets of 8-12 reps


  • 4 sets of 8-12 reps

Quad Extensions (Leg Extensions) 

  • 4 sets of 8-15 reps
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Sam Sulek Chest Workout

sam sulek chest exercise
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Sam Sulek’s chest workout program is a masterclass in hypertrophy and isolation. This routine reflects his dedication to high-volume training, intense isolation exercises, and a relentless pursuit of muscle growth. 

It’s designed to mirror Sam’s Sulek approach, offering the tools to achieve exceptional gains in chest development.

Sam Sulek Workout Focus

Hypertrophy and Isolation: Sam’s Sulek training philosophy centers on hypertrophy, maximizing muscle size and definition. 

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This program capitalizes on his signature technique of incorporating many sets and repetitions, amplifying time under tension and muscle fatigue.

Exercise Selection and Order

The workout begins with a foundational compound movement, the Incline Smith Machine Press. This exercise engages the upper chest while facilitating strength development.

Sam Sulek then transitions to isolation exercises like Cable Chest fly or Cable Presses and the Pec Deck, intensifying the training stimulus.

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Volume and Progression

Sam Sulek’s dedication to hypertrophy is reflected in the program’s high volume of sets and repetitions. 

The workout structure ensures that you progressively challenge your muscles by gradually increasing the weights or performing additional repetitions over time.

Sam Sulek Training Program Schedule

Here’s a glimpse of Sam’s Sulek chest workout for Week 1.

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Incline Smith Machine Press

  • 4-6 sets till failure (aim for 6-8 reps range)

Cable Chest Fly’s 

  • 4-5 sets till failure (aim for 10-15 reps range)

Pec Deck 

  • 1 set till failure (aim for 8-12 reps range)
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The Controversy and Debates

With great fame comes great scrutiny, and Sam Sulek’s journey is no exception. The fitness world has been abuzz with debates and discussions about his methods and alleged substance use. 

While Sam Sulek doesn’t claim to be natural, he doesn’t delve into the topic. Many have noted the rapid accumulation of muscle mass and the telltale signs associated with high-dose steroid use. 

It’s a topic that has sparked conversations within the fitness community and beyond.

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The Mental Game

Beyond the weights and the controversies, Sam Sulek opens up about the mental aspect of his fitness journey. 

He discusses the anxiety and mental preparation involved in lifting heavy weights, describing the feeling of carrying a substantial load on your back as intimidating. 

Sam Sulek is candid about his decision to avoid going too heavy to prevent potential injuries, mentioning a previous adductor muscle injury that has made him even more cautious.

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The Sam Sulek Experience

sam sulek hosstile
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Sam Sulek’s approach to fitness is unconventional, raw, and unapologetically intense. It reflects his dedication to the craft and his relentless pursuit of muscle mastery. 

Whether you’re a fan, a skeptic, or someone looking for inspiration, Sam Sulek offers a dynamic glimpse into the world of fitness, determination, and the ongoing quest for peak performance.

The Takeaways

Sam Sulek is more than just a fitness influencer he’s a fitness revolution in the making. His journey from a small town in Ohio to a digital sensation is a testament to his dedication and charisma. 

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While the controversies surrounding his journey persist, we can only hope that he approaches his fitness endeavors cautiously, regularly monitors his health, and has a support system to guide him through his career.

As we follow Sam’s Sulek footsteps, remember that consistency, dedication, and progressive overload are the cornerstones of achieving your fitness goals. 

Sam Sulek’s story is still being written, and we eagerly await the next chapter in the life of this fitness maverick.

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What Does Sam Sulek Drive?

Sam Sulek drives a Camry car.

Sam Sulek High School

Sam Sulek went to North Crowley High School

Sam Sulek Before Bodybuilding

Sam Sulek is a buffed schoolboy who was a swimmer when he was 19 and turned into a monster in a few years.

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Sam Sulek Age

Sam Sulek is 21 years old.

What is Sam Suleks split?

Sam follows a split routine, dividing his workouts into specific muscle groups. He includes chest, back, leg, and arms days.

Why Does Sam Sulek Avoid Women?

Sam Sulk believes this behavior protects increases testosterone improves recovery increases muscle mass maintains

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How Tall is Sam Sulek?

Sam Sulek is 5’11 tall.

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