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"Organic Foods, Are they Safer? More Nutrients,"

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Eating organic foods may have once seemed like a passing craze, but thankfully, it’s here to stay for our health. 

Here, we’ll discuss what makes food organic explore the various benefits of eating certified organic foods examine why it’s become so popular share what impurities you may be ingesting by not eating organic foods, and discuss why many still have reservations about “going organic.”

What Makes Food Organic?

organic food and inorganic food

Organic food is grown, processed, and packaged without synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and genetic modification. 

In the U.S., food producers must undergo a rigorous process for organic certification, which includes the following steps:

  • Developing an organic system plan details how food is grown, harvested, made, stored, and transported. 
  • This includes substances used to cultivate the land where the food begins and preserve it once it is prepared.
  • A review of the organic system plan by a certifying agent after it’s been executed to ensure all of the regulations for organic standards are being met.
  • A review of the organic system plan by a certifying agent after it’s been executed to ensure all of the regulations for organic standards are being met.
  • A comprehensive on-site inspection of operation facilities by a certifying agent may include soil testing (for farms/greenhouses), equipment use, reviewing feed records, monitoring animal conditions, testing the water systems, and more.
  • A review of the inspection report by a certifying agent, and finally, a decision by the certifying agent. An inspection ensures the regulations are still met before renewal if the organic status is granted yearly.

How Do Our Bodies Benefit from Organic Foods?

organic food advantages and disadvantages

The benefits of eating organic foods are numerous. Studies show that higher levels of antioxidants in certain organic foods can help strengthen our immune systems and improve overall health. 

Reducing the number of pesticides in organic foods is also good for healthier, clearer skin. Studies have shown that children have a lower risk of eczema and allergies if fed a primarily organic diet. 

Besides, organic foods are hormone- and GMO-free, contain fewer pesticides (if any), use fewer preservatives, and often contain higher nutrients.

Why Has Organic Food Become So Famous?

Eating organic foods has become popular in recent years because they are more readily available than before and offer undeniable health benefits. 

Further, many believe they taste better. There is also a greater awareness about caring for the earth in the face of climate change, and many farms that produce organic foods follow more stringent environmental guidelines.

Are Non-Organic Foods Harmful?

non organic foods to avoid

Non-organic foods often contain food additives, preservatives, and antibiotics, which can have toxic effects on the body and contribute to long-term health issues. 

However, more studies need to be done to prove the severity of these claims. People with food keenness may also find organic foods easier to digest than non-organic or more heavily processed alternatives. 

Using synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers in conventional farming practices can lead to a buildup of toxins in the soil and water, which can harm human and environmental health.

Why Don’t We All Eat Organic Foods?

While the benefits of organic food are clear, many people are hesitant to switch to a purely organic diet for a few reasons:

Organic foods tend to be higher priced than regular foods because of the cost to produce them and the extensive certification process, which takes time and resources. This prevents many families who would otherwise switch from doing so because they have to maintain their budget.

Long-term studies on the positive impacts of eating organic may be needed to convince the masses that making the switch is worth it. Not everyone lives near organic grocers or grocers who have large selections available.

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