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Phillip Jerrod Heath is an American IFBB professional bodybuilder. He was a seven-time Mr. Olympia winner from 2011 to 2017.

His latest victory matched him with Arnold Schwarzenegger for the joint-second number of all-time Mr. Olympia wins, after Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman, who are joint-first with eight wins.

Phil Heath is one of the most famous and expert bodybuilders ever. He is counted in the Top 15 bodybuilders of the world. He is also known as ‘The Gift.’

However, things were not always accessible, as he had to survive a tough childhood. This experience gave Heath a positive drive for success, which he used in his bodybuilding career.

Phil Heath biography

The Early Life of Phil Heath

Phil Heath was born on December 18, 1979, in Washington. His parents were working hard to provide for their family, so often, Phil Heath was left alone at home.

So due to this, he was obliged to learn to care for himself early. He instantly learned how to cook his meals while keeping his basketball training. This hard work is what sets him up for a life of victory.

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Phil Heath’s Wife

When it comes to Phil’s relationship side of life, He has been married twice thus far. The first time he married was in June 2007 when he got Jennie Laxson, whom he had dated for quite a long time.

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They lived together for the next 8 years until 2015 when the match ended in a divorce. Next, he got a lover for himself named Shurie Cremona.

Bodybuilding Career of Phil Heath

Heath started taking bodybuilding more precariously in 2002 when he took a job at his local gym while learning as much as possible about diet and nutrition, supplementation, and practical training plans.

He believes this time was the most impressionable years of his career as he read through crates of bodybuilding magazines, which all served Phil Heath to create his incredible physique.

Phil Heath would become part of his first bodybuilding competition in 2003 at 24. He would win The Rocky Mountain Northern Physique Committee championship at 192lbs, earning his first title of “The Gift.”

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In 2005, Heath was contemplating around 215lb and decided to fight for his IFBB Pro-Card. He entered the NPC USA competition and was victorious in this effort.

At this point, Phil Heath started competing at a pro level, working with the Colorado Pro, where he repeatedly earned first place.

Phil Heath would return from this performance by winning the IFBB Iron Man contest. After this victory, he would give the Arnold Classic another chance. This try would see Heath take the 2nd place spot, resulting in a rush of motivation, unlike anything he had shown.

Phil Heath Diet Plan

Phil Heath Diet Plan
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Phil Heath typically takes eight meals daily to give him the power and calories needed to train and compete at the highest level. Additionally, he likes two protein shakes, along with many vitamins and supplements.

Phil Heath’s Net Worth

Phil Heath’s net worth is $8 million, which makes him one of the wealthiest bodybuilders in 2021.

Body size of Phil Heath

Phil Heath’s Height 5 Feet and 9 Inches
Phil Heath’s Weight 109 to 125 KG
Phil Heath’s Age 44 Years
Phil Heath’s Date of Birth December 18, 1979
Phil Heath’s Chest Size 54 Inches
Phil Heath’s Arm Size 23 Inches
Phil Heath’s Waist Size 29 Inches

Championships of Phil Heath

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  • In 2003 Northern Colorado State, Novice, Light-Heavyweight 1st and overall
  • In 2003 NPC Colorado State, Light-Heavyweight, 1st
  • In 2004 NPC Colorado State, Heavyweight, 1st and Overall
  • In 2005 NPC Junior Nationals, Heavyweight, 1st, and Overall
  • In the 2005 NPC USA Championships, Heavyweight, 1st, and Overall
  • In the 2006 Colorado Pro Championships, 1st
  • In the 2006 New York Pro Championship, 1st
  • In the 2007 Arnold Classic, 5th
  • In 2008 IFBB Iron Man, 1st
  • In 2008 Arnold Classic, 2nd
  • In 2008 Mr. Olympia, 3rd
  • In 2009 Mr. Olympia, 5th
  • In the 2010 Arnold Classic, 2nd
  • In 2010 Mr. Olympia, 2nd
  • In 2011 Mr. Olympia, 1st
  • In 2011 Sheru Classic, 1st
  • In 2012 Mr. Olympia, 1st
  • In 2012 Sheru Classic, 1st
  • In 2013 Mr. Olympia, 1st
  • In 2013 Arnold Classic Europe, 1st
  • In 2014 Mr. Olympia, 1st
  • In 2015 Mr. Olympia, 1st
  • In 2016 Mr. Olympia, 1st
  • In 2017 Mr. Olympia, 1st
  • In 2018 Mr. Olympia, 2nd
  • In 2020 Mr. Olympia, 3rd
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What is Phil Heath’s Weight?

Phil Heath’s weight is 120 kg.

How Old is Phil Heath?

Phil Heath is 44 years old. His date of birth is December 18, 1979.

How Much Does Phil Heath Make a Year?

Phil Heath’s net worth is $8 million, which makes him one of the richest bodybuilders.

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