Carlos Thomas Jr Bodybuilder Biography 2022

Carlos Thomas Jr is an American professional bodybuilder. While Carlos now boasts a successful career as an IFBB Pro bodybuilder, his struggle towards the top is quite hard.

Carlos Thomas Jr. has proved that the promotion about his name was well-deserved. Just like other great bodybuilders Victor-Martinez, Shawn Ray, Kevin Levrone, and Lee Haney. He made his way into the pro course with the win at the NPC National Championships 2021.

Carlos can gives challenge to Derek Lunsford and Shaun Clarida in 212 Division, he has potential to beat any bodybuilder in 212 category. Carlos will be compete in upcoming pro shows for the qualification of Mr. Olympia 2022.

Early Life of Carlos Thomas Jr

Carlos Thomas Jr Age

Carlos Thomas was born in 1992, in a small town near Columbus Ohio. Growing up, Carlos didn’t have an easy life. Throughout his early days of studies, Carlos became interested in various sports. Some of his favorites included football, track, and wrestling.

Carlos was a football player in college, he got a neck injury that stopped him from the sport, and then he shifted to bodybuilding by IFBB pro-Fred Small.

Bodybuilding Career of Carlos Thomas Jr

Carlos Thomas Jr Posing

Carlos Thomas just emerged from nowhere with great genetics, a combination of the golden age and present bodybuilding. Carlos recently won the NPC nationals and turned Pro-bodybuilding.
Carlos got massive biceps, a huge chest also a large quad. So he will be a future threat for sure.

Body Measurement of Carlos Thomas Jr

Carlos Thomas Height5 Feet and 6 Inches
Carlos Thomas Weight93 to 95 KG
Carlos Thomas Age29 years
Carlos Thomas Bicep Size24 Inches
Carlos Thomas Chest Size53 Inches
Carlos Thomas Jr Bodybuilder Stats

Carlos Thomas the Champion of the NPC Nationals 2021

Achieving a great win at the NPC National Championships 2021, Carlos Thomas Jr. became the latest addition to the roster of IFBB pro bodybuilders. Carlos was a highly praised competitor entering into the competition and emerged victoriously in the super heavyweight division 212 and overall dream to earning his pro card.

Competition Weight of Carlos Thomas Jr. at the 2021 NPC Nationals

Carlos Thomas Jr. contested in the super heavyweight division at the NPC Nationals. However, Carlos displayed that he weighed in for super division. On the other hand, his weight was in the 220lbs capacity when he took the stage in the competition.

In addition to that, Carlos said that although the plan was to contest in the super heavyweight division, the dream was to bring good training on the stage.

Carlos made his way into the pro course with the win at the NPC National Championships 2021. All of his careers are a testimony to the fact that Carlos could very well be on his way to excellence if he continues to make improvements in the years to come.

Carlos Thomas Jr. Net Worth

As of 2022, Carlos Thomas has a net worth of $500k. Carlos has earned his money as a pro bodybuilder. He has won the NPC National Championships 2021. Carlos Thomas Jr didn’t reveal his girlfriend at any point.

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