2022 Yamamoto Pro Bodybuilding Show Results

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The Yamamoto Nutrition Pro Show will be held on September 11th, 2022, in Milan, Italy. All the champions will get trophies and an invitation to the 2022 Olympia

Nathan De Asha and Roelly Winklaar are the former Champions of the Yamamoto Pro Show. Nathan De Asha is the special guest for posing at the 2022 Yamamoto Nutrition Pro Show. 

Nathan De Asha posing

The 2022 Yamamoto Nutrition Pro Show is one of the biggest Pro Shows to be held in Europe, with contestants coming from around the world to compete and attempt to earn pro cards and an invitation to Olympia.

Competitor List 

Here is the complete list of competitors who will compete in the Show.

Men’s Bodybuilding – Open Division

Jamie Christian-Johal
  • Jamie Christian-Johal
  • Pasquale D’Angelo
  • Mohamed El Eman
  • Andrea Muzi
  • Anton Bippus
  • Roman Fritz
  • Harry Harris
  • Fabio Romagnolo
  • Vladyslav Sukhoruchko
  • Mustafa Yildiz
  • Adnan Gosto

Men’s Classic Physique

  • Abdullah Alsairafi
  • Simone Bestagno
  • Jabar Al Kuwari
  • Genadi Lyaev
  • Richard Gyula Nagy
  • Giuseppe Zagarella
  • Valeri Enchev
  • Siem Goossens

Men’s Physique

  • Andrea Amato
  • Lorenzo Giachetti
  • Mo. Afroz Khichi
  • Edison Ramirez
  • Victor Ramirez
  • Manuel Santalucia
  • Leonardo Vecchiato
  • Emile Walker
  • Andrea Miggiano
  • Andrea Antonelli
  • Febo Gambacorta
  • Mauro Fialho Garcia Jr.
  • Chao Peng
  • Maksimilian Petrov
  • Tyler Smith
  • Omar Suleiman


  • Kerry Sexton
  • Jessica Kavanagh
  • Lucrezia Marchi
  • Luna Carparelli
  • Martyna Derlat
  • Katarzyna Janowiec
  • Alice Marchisio
  • Ottavia Mazza
  • Francesca Stoico
  • Eleonora Sundas
  • Giuditta Taccani
  • Margherita Todeschini
  • Anna Virmajoki
  • Eszter Oczella
  • Renata Nowak
  • Anna Setlak
  • Rukiye Solak

Yamamoto Nutrition Pro Show 2022 Results

Here are the complete Results of the following Divisions.

Men’s Bodybuilding – Open Division Results

Vladyslav Suhoruchko got the Men’s Open Bodybuilding 2022 Yamamoto Nutrition Pro Champion title and earned his invitation to compete at the 2022 Olympia.

Men’s Physique Results

Jeffrey Darko is the new Men’s Physique Champion at the 2022 Yamamoto Nutrition Pro Show.

  • First Place (Jeffrey Darko)
  • Second place (Chao Peng)
  • Third place (Emile Walker)
  • Fourth place (Victor Ramirez)
  • Fifth place (Andrea Antonelli)

Men’s Classic Physique Results 

Christian Zagarella is the new Classic Physique Champion at the 2022 Yamamoto Nutrition Pro.

  • First Place (Christian Zagarella)
  • Second Place (Valeri Enchev)
  • Third Place (Siem Goossens)

Bikini Results 

Rukiye Solak won her Bikini Champion title at the 2022 Yamamoto Nutrition Pro Show.

  • First Place (Rukiye Solak)
  • Second place (Francesca Stoico)
  • Third place (Kerry Sexton)
  • Fourth place (Jessica Kavanag)
  • Fifth place (Eszter Oczella)
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